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How should I take care of my jewel?

First of all we have to tell you that all the pieces are made of First Law silver and some of them are also 18k gold plated. This makes them take different care.

The first enemy of jewelry are perfumes and some body creams. The best thing is that you smear the cream first and put on the perfume, and then the jewelry.

This way you will avoid stains on irreversible pieces. If you see that some dots have appeared on your jewel, similar to a splash, and that when cleaning it they do not go away, it is probably the erosion of the alcohol of some perfume.  


Can I wet my jewel?

If it is silver, you do not have to worry about taking it off for the shower, or for a bath in the pool or in the sea. Although we have to say that a long exposure to chlorine, salt or the sun can damage the material itself.

So you can shower, or take a soak without suffering for it.

If, on the other hand, it is gold-plated, we recommend the opposite. All frictions or elements that affect the piece will make the bathroom disappear more quickly. You better take them off for those times.

Likewise, if your piece loses its gold bath, we remind you that a silver piece will remain. If you want to have it gold again, you can go to any jewelry store to have it gold plated again. Our baths are one micron.

The care you give it will make the gold plating with which we deliver it last longer, or less.


My silver jewel is getting darker, why is it?

Silver reacts with oxygen by darkening. But it is not an irreversible state, far from it! You just have to clean it.


What can I do to prevent this from happening?

Keep them hermetically. We know that having jewelry on display is a very convenient way to choose it, but it causes it to darken quickly. Try to keep them separate (this will also help keep them from scratching each other)  and protected from all kinds of external elements (air, dust ...).


How do I clean the jewelry?

The best way is to do it with water and neutral soap, although sometimes, rubbing a little with your finger, they are already shiny.  

Remember that friction will make the gold plating disappear sooner, so if that's the case, do it with a little more care.

When a chain is dark it is sometimes more difficult to clean it, in this case we recommend that you put a handful of salt in your hand and rub the chain on it (without pendant). After a while you will see how the chain becomes bright and the salt, darkness.


We have heard many home remedies, such as baking soda, that really work even if it is a little more cumbersome, but we have to warn you that toothpaste can be a bad decision. Each time they contain more and more chemical elements that can be abrasive to your jewelery.

There are also many products for cleaning jewelry on the market. If you decide on this option, read the manufacturer's instructions carefully to avoid surprises.

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