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- How can I pay?

You can pay by credit card or by Paypal, whichever is more convenient for you.


- How long does it take to get the package?

It will depend on the type of shipment you select and the place of delivery.

Ordinary shipping to Spain takes an average of 3 or 4 days from when it leaves and to central Europe 5 to 10. All this depending on the circumstances and understanding that it depends on the shipping company.


- What if I want to return it? Or change it?

Don't worry, you have a month to return it.

If the change was due to our error, we will take care of the return and re-delivery costs. If on the contrary it is because you have thought better of it, you should assume them.


- I have a discount code, can I add it to other offers?

Usually not; But when there are promotions we always indicate whether or not they are cumulative with the discount codes.


- Can I shower with my jewelry?

If they are made of silver, taking them in the shower will keep them shiny, if they are gold-plated, we would recommend that you avoid the maximum of friction or elements that could make it go away sooner. We also recommend that you take a look at the section on

" Jewel Care "


- I have an allergy to many jewels, will it give me a reaction?

Our silver is of First Law, with a purity that reaches 99.9%; so if you are not allergic to silver or gold, you should not worry.

If any model is blackened with rhodium (you could be allergic) we indicate it on the page of the same.

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